What is Lenticular?

The use of both images and lens material are inseparable when it comes to making the desired effect come to life in a lenticular print. The image itself is a composite of two or more graphics that are interlaced together. The lens is a unique plastic that is made up of individual cylindrical lenses (lenticules) that must be perfectly aligned with the interlaced image underneath it in order for the effect to work.

Based on the angle of the viewer, each cylindrical lens acts as a magnifying glass to enlarge and display the portion of the image below. Many small lenses working in harmony form the entire lenticular image. In this way, lenticular print can appear to show motion or even three-dimensions because each eye is viewing the lenticular print from its own angle.

Utilizing these techniques, lenticular print can provide a wide variety of visual effects from simple flips to complex animation and three-dimensional scenes. The possibilities are quite literally endless.