Why Choose Lenstar® Plus?

Lenstar Plus lens is manufactured with a special resin developed specifically for lenticular applications. Because the material is indeed a lens, it must be as clear as possible, but still have the required quality to refract light. The lens should also be as stable as possible to minimize the distortion that can occur when temperatures change, yet it needs to be flexible enough to use in printing presses and to be rolled for shipping. When you add up all these requirements, it's obvious that developing a resin from scratch is well worth the effort.

The resin is then extruded into the desired shape by Pacur, which is the world's largest supplier of lenticular sheet. Utilizing their extensive experience and technical talent, Pacur has developed a variety of lenticular lens shapes to meet various criteria for all kinds of lenticular products. The angle of the individual cylindrical lenses, the overall sheet thickness, and the number of lenses per inch are all affected by the final application for the lenticular print. Pacur has done extensive testing to create the best lens for any desired application.

To learn more about Pacur, visit their website - www.pacur.com